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What is distributed photovoltaic power generation?

Distributed photovoltaic power generation refers to a small power generation system that uses photovoltaic modules to directly convert solar energy into electrical energy. The basic equipment of the distributed photovoltaic power generation system includes photovoltaic cell modules, photovoltaic square array supports, DC combiner boxes, DC power distribution cabinets, grid-connected inverters, AC power distribution cabinets and other equipment, as well as power supply system monitoring devices and environmental monitoring devices. device. Its operation mode is that under the condition of solar radiation, the solar cell module array of the photovoltaic power generation system converts the solar energy into the transmitted electric energy, and sends it to the DC power distribution cabinet through the DC combiner box, and the grid-connected inverter converts it into AC power. It is supplied to enterprises for use, and excess or insufficient electricity is regulated by connecting to the grid.


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